Broken Windows

I saw something happen that was kinda funny in an absurd way and took a picture and now have decided to share.
So me and a passenger were at the local steak and shake drive through hoping to order some milkshakes. While in the drive through line, I observed this:

Let me call your attention to a few things. First, this car is a Jaguar, a $70k car. Second the window doesn’t work, which is why she got out of the car at the drive through. Ok I don’t have more than that. Let me tell you something, if I’m going to fork over that much money for that stupid car, the dang window better work. I better be able to afford to fix a stupid window and lastly, I would not be getting out of my $70k car at a drive through to let folks know that my car is janky and I can’t afford to fix it.

Finally let me call your attention to that line going across the picture. That is the crack in my windshield. My car is janky too and I haven’t gotten it fixed yet and yes sometimes it obstructs my view. See I’m able to cast judgment upon myself as well as others.

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amymay said...

Yes, Lawd, that window better work!!