I know of a Place

I know of a place, where things get done, with no interruptions, it’s called my home office. My job is project based, it also requires design and programming. This requires some major skills, project management (organization, timeliness, detail orientation, etc), creativity (a flippn imagination), and tech savvy (going beyond surfing and doing the social media 2 step). How many people do you know are good at all three of those things? Think about it, I’ll wait…Well I’m one of those people. And as a goober, I need a lot of concentration in order to get my job done. No one understands this. People think that their “oh I just need one second of your time” will not throw me off course. Sorry bozo, engaging all parts of my brain to produce a masterpiece requires more attention than it takes to tie a shoe. Which is why I’m a commodity and you only have your inflamed sense of self importance. I need to be separated from lower functioning, annoying, disorganized, always looking for me to solve their problems and complete their tasks, people. I need to be home.

Why is that so hard for organizations to understand? Why is management intent on creating as many obstacles as possible to prevent me from completing their tasks by their dead line of ASAP? Why do they think that I love this so much that I will keep putting up with it? Granted, I’m still here. But I’ve been sharpening my head enough to resemble a thorn point. I’m not jumping ship at the first sign of rough seas. I have an ulterior mission that requires me to stay here. For now. But while I’m here, I’m determined to get what I want. Like a son or daughter who presents a straight A report card, you gotta give them what they want, within reason.

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amymay said...

Why won't they let you be great?? Hang in there, lady!

紫倫妍勳 said...
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長卉長卉 said...
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