Jill Scott Quote of the Day - 5/29

"Some women want the baller, but mentally can he play ball?" -Jill Scott ("High Post Brotha").....

Press Play to hear my spoken word piece that relates to this blog...

This is my Jill Scott quote of the day that I am marinating on , it hit me because I have been talking to someone who mentally is a slam dunk (and they made me feel like the poem playing performed by me), while trying to figure out why I am wasting time dealing with the on-again-off-again friend who can't even make a lay-up mentally.... why am I holding on to that when I see there are people out there who can stimulate me intellectually, that is what I want/need/crave so why is that logic reaching my brain but totally bypassing that pesky damn hear of mine? Snap out of it Alise! (uh-oh referring to myself in the third person, that ain't ever good! lol)


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